The Bowen Island Community Foundation: Helping to Build a Stronger and More Enriching Community

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    It was back in 2004 that the Bowen Island Community Foundation first began its work and our mission today remains consistent with those initial hopes. We aim to create a capacity for improving the lives of Bowen Islanders by encouraging donations and endowments that will serve this purpose.
    In 2016 we are now fortunate to be able to administer a total of more than $1.2 million in assets; these funds are invested on Bowen Island and with the Vancouver Foundation. And we’re now able to give back about $50,000 each year to help improve the community that we all call home. We want there to be a continuing vitality in our work, as we engage with donors to support strategic initiatives that have been identified as important to our island.
    With donations received from the community… what have we done lately? Here are 10 highlights that might interest, surprise or please you.
    1. We’ve helped to fund the Garden Gateway initiative, a project that will take shape in the coming months, beautifying the entrance to our island with a dazzling array of sustainable plantings, and a raised garden rockery with seating.
    2. We provided some initial start-up funding to the Knick Knack Nook and have recently been working with the Knick Knack Re-Use it Store Society to help them with their Small Grants Program, which in 2016 will distribute $15,000 in grants to Bowen islanders, focussed on environmental and social sustainability.
    3. We recently hosted a workshop on Bowen to assist all of the Island’s non-profit organizations with the important task of statutory compliance (not the most exciting of initiatives, perhaps, but a critical part of what we all do).
    4. We’ve funded the purchase of a push-trike that will be stored next to the Library, and will make the trails of Crippen Park and elsewhere accessible for all, enabling an important connection to the nature that we have at our doorstep.
    5. We continue to act as stewards for Bowen Islanders who have provided us with generous grants of land — grants that will, in time, significantly increase both our total asset base and our ability to provide funding to a number of worthy community projects.
    6. In early March of this year we hosted the Governor General of Canada at the Kay Meek Centre in West Vancouver, along with the other Sea to Sky Community Foundations: West Vancouver, North Shore, Whistler, Sunshine Coast and Squamish.
    7. We’ve started a youth council, through the generous grant of a donor, empowering Bowen youth decision-making, and providing simultaneous learning of the values of stewardship, community service, and philanthropy.
    8. We are an entirely volunteer board, holding monthly meetings, and representing a wide range of Bowen Islanders: men and women, young and old, working and retired, relatively recent arrivals and remarkably long-term residents.
    9. We provide a range of bursaries and scholarship to Bowen Islanders every year: the Aaron Sluggett Memorial Scholarship, the Bowen Island Golf Association Junior Scholarship, the Knick Knack Nook Bursaries for Environmental Sustainability, the Maggie Cumming Legacy Fund Scholarship, and the recently announced Margaret Witty Bursary Fund.
    10. We have 13 ambassadors, a mix of outstanding Bowen Islanders who help us in building awareness and understanding of the work of the Foundation, encouraging support from within our community: Shelagh MacKinnon, Noah Pryce-Jones, Louise McIntosh, Brian Biddlecombe, Darryl Deegan, Mary Letson, Katherine Gish, Paulo Arreaga, Ted Spear, Kevin Manning, Donna Scorer, Erwen Smith — and still very much with us in spirit — the late Piers Hayes.

The Bowen Island Community Foundation
invites you to our
2016 Annual General Meeting

The Bowen Island Community Foundation’s AGM is an opportunity for us to thank our donors and supporters and showcase how philanthropy builds community. We will announce successful grant recipients, introduce the Foundations’s new Board members, and share stories of the successes you have helped us achieve over the past year.
Please join us in celebration of community!
Thursday April 21, 2016: 7 to 9 p.m.
Cates Hill Chapel
661 Carter Road, Bowen Island
Please RSVP by April 15, 2016.


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