Artisan Office Services Ltd is now closed; final account and payment queries can be sent to info@artisanoffice.com

For courier services, you can contact Alan Mills, Bowen Freight. We are delighted that they are able to benefit from the experience of our driver, Murray, who has been such an invaluable part of the team here: Alan forwarded the message below for us to share:

Dear Bowen

To fill the void of Artisan Express’s departure Bowen Island Freight will be attempting to continue in the tradition of providing vital services that, until this time, were for so many years made without a second thought; but here we are.  I’m sure that there will be unexpected bumps along the way.  Murray Manson has agreed to continue with BIF which should help with the transition immensely.
Any questions please email bowenislandfreight@gmail.com 604 947-9703


For UPS and Fed Ex queries please contact Sprinter Deliveries:


Office: (604) 294-6500

107-84 North Bend St

Coquitlam, BC  V3K 6H1

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