• Please read below for the latest information on how we are handling this in our business, and for courier services & delivery (Artisan Express, Fed Ex & UPS).

    Both the Office And Express Services remain open. The Artisan Express van goes into Vancouver on the 9:40 am ferry Mon-Fri; packages brought to the office by 8:45 am will be transported that day. We offer same day delivery throughout the Greater Vancouver region, and are also the drop-off location for outgoing Fed Ex, UPS and Purolator packages. Pick-ups throughout the Greater Vancouver area can be scheduled up until 11 am for same-day service. We continue to offer printing, faxing, scanning and other office services.

    Please feel free to call or email if you want advice on how we can safely serve you and/or provide service; we’ll work with you to accommodate your particular circumstances, and support your needs.

  • Please click here for details on how we are working with island businesses to support the community with deliveries to impacted households


As we all respond to COVID-19, the health and safety of our employees and customers remains our top priority.

We are also mindful that our courier and delivery services provide a crucial service during a time when many of you are stepping back from public places, and are also increasingly sourcing supplies and goods online.

We at the Office, and our drivers, are following best-practice guidance on environmental cleaning for public spaces, regularly cleaning commonly touched surfaces throughout the day with a disinfectant bleach solution, and regularly washing/sanitising our hands. We are also cleaning the scanners and other items used for courier deliveries with disinfectant solution before and after all transactions.

We are in regular contact with both Fed Ex and UPS; both carriers have adapted how we can manage packages requiring COD payments and/or signatures.

Where possible, we will contact you before attempting delivery, and establish if or how you would like us to proceed.

Options include:

  • arranging COD payment and signature authorization over the phone
  • holding items for later pick-up if you wish to wait; they will not be returned to the sender or delivered, they will be held here by us
  • drop off at a safe, covered location outside your home

We are happy to take your information and keep that on file here if you do not want deliveries during this period; please email courier@artisanoffice.com with the word HOLD in caps in the subject line and provide your address and telephone number; you can also call us on 604 947-9119.

Unfortunately it is not always possible to contact you before delivery, if your telephone number was not provided to the carrier/sender, and it is not available to us elsewhere. In those cases we will attempt home delivery.

We would ask that if you are in self-quarantine or isolation, you refrain from sending return packages or requesting pick-up from your home, and also communicate that to any driver attending your address while maintaining safe distance.

If you wish to post a notice at the entrance to your property advising no entry, or where you would like parcels left, or that you are in quarantine and precautions need to be taken, we will comply with any information provided. Please provide a telephone number on any notice if practicable so that we can communicate with you if necessary.

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