September 2015

Peace Needs to be Felt


Originally published September 23, 2016 written by Bawn Campbell

“At the end of the day, we have very simple needs, and on top of the list has always been to feel contentment. Peace is not the absence of war. Peace is a fundamental human need that needs to be felt from within.”

After last year’s September 21 “Peace Day at the Art Gallery at Artisan Square” I felt inspired by the 25 people who showed up to watch the Video “Peacemakers with Jeremy Gilley (Founder of Peace One Day, Ted Talks, filmmaker) and Prem Rawat (Ambassador of Peace for Italy, Brazil, European Parliament and Peru). I volunteered to write this article, god help me. First off I am not an expert I just I know that when I feel at peace everything around me feels good.

Words are just symbols to which some personal meaning is attached. Your meaning and mine are not always the same. How often have you expressed something that is misinterpreted and resulted in conflict?  My hope is that you reflect upon peace within your life.

There is little doubt in most people’s mind that our lives are moving too fast. Choices are being made without enough forethought about the implications of those choices. We seem to be living in a world gone mad for acquiring money, power, possessions and experiences. How can we break this spell?

The constant bombardment by ads convincing us that newest aftershave, perfume, car, TV, IPhone will bring us happiness. If we just own those things our lives will be better; the opiate of possession. It is hard to stop it. It’s hard when all around us are promoting it.

This happiness that we assume comes from “owning” something, where is it located? The feeling of happiness resides within, inside ourselves. Happiness is a feeling, love is a feeling, Joy is a feeling. Contentment is a feeling. Somehow we need to break the “opiate of possessions” hold on us, we need to find a way to feel happy within ourselves. The world cannot sustain this process of acquiring.

There are over seven billion of us on this planet that is hurtling through space around the sun at 107,200 kph and spinning at 1,600 kph (remember that when you are stuck in traffic); Too often I forget what is important in my life. I forget that I am alive. That, right now, this moment will never happen again.

Most of us have heard the quote attributed to Albert Einstein that “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. We go to war again and again and again. War has never resulted in real peace only in profit for a few. How can we stop this insanity?

At some point we are going to realize, as an individual, that our time on this planet will end. We do not live here forever.

The UN study of average life expectancy puts the world at 70.7 years or 25,806 days. In Canada the average is 82 years or 29,930 days. We don’t have that many days to waste. Each day is so precious. Too precious to waste in anger, frustration and guilt.

My family sometimes is concerned with my focus on how many days I may have left to live but I do it to remind myself that this day, this moment, is more important to me than tomorrow or yesterday. It is in this moment that I want to experience happiness.

I don’t know about you but I do know that I like feeling good. I like clarity, appreciation, love, contentment and the feeling of being at peace. I don’t like confusion, disregard, hate, anger, guilt and the feelings of restlessness and inadequacy.

Somewhere, somehow I came to the realization people matter to me. That we have value and that we are not just some data point in a database.

So how does Peace enter into this essay? When I feel clarity, appreciation, love, contentment the feeling of being at peace is not far behind.

The Preamble to the Constitution of UNESCO declares that “since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defenses of peace must be constructed“.

In order to build those defenses of peace some shift needs to take place in how our lives are lived, we need to see that Peace is as fundamental to us as is water and air, love and joy.

Ultimately it is our own personal experience of peace that we want, not an idea of peace but the experience of peace in our individual hearts. When we have that experience it is easy to see the value of those around you and to know how valuable life is. To see the value of life in your friend and in your foe. Life is the most valuable thing we have. It is the miracle we have waited for.

“Knowing is better than Believing”, know peace.

Practice Peace, change your world.

– Bawn Campbell

Bowfest 2015


Originally published September 9, 2015

2015 set the record for wettest Bowfest EVER, quite an impressive feat considering this marked the 40th anniversary of our island’s end of summer festival. Unfortunately the weather took that too literally and Autumn was lapping a little too close to Summer’s heels for comfort. Nonetheless, Bowfest 2015 will go down as a success. Vancouver may have shut down for the day, but Bowen partied on!

Many thanks to all the parade entries, Anne Smitton for your traffic warden expertise, Pam for another year of organization, and of course the diligence of this year’s judges: Barb Wiltshire, Ann Silberman, Nancy Lee, Paulina Keoplin and Georgia.

We welcomed the return of crowd favourite Lip Sync competition. Many thanks to Kate Brew for organizing, Reforma Architecture for sponsoring, and all the contestants who took part. The popularity of this event was astounding, and maybe cause to extend the competition for 2016?

This year we also had the great benefit of a Bowfest first: Logger Show. We extend our gratitude to Gary Anderson of Metro Blasting for your initial push for this event, Bowen Island Properties, Black Bear Transport, J & E Backhoe, Frank Seaberly, Twin Island, and Dee and Fraser Elliott, Braedan Jolly for extended sponsorship of the event. The Logger Show really brought the community together, there are far too many people to thank! Congratulations to all the contestants, you will go down in Bowen history as being a part of this first edition event. Plans for next year’s Logger Show are already in the works!

Thank you to all the musicians who took part in Bowfest, special mention to Taunting Mable for doing us a super solid. Tony & John for organizing, Shephard Ashmore Insurance, Graham Ritchie for MCing, Bill Granger, Bruce Culver, Brad Bacon and David Wrinch for stage setup, electrical, and teardown.

Thank you to Hilary and Robin Butler for your selfless work with the Run for Rwanda, Sarah Haxby for another great Country Fair Tent. Bowen Building Centre, Knick Knack Nook, Bowen Island Municipality, and Bowen Credit Union for your continual financial support. Margaret at Artisan Office Services for supplying ALL our printing and much of our poster art work, Microdeck for our website revamp and Bowfest poster. Peter King and Cormorant Marine for providing transport to our acts and guests alike. Bowen Glass for your AMAZING lanterns, BIVFM for filling our dunk tank and the use of your materials, Dave and Louise of Bowen Island Waste for your year after year dedication, Tim Hausch for hanging our banner, Murray and Janice Skeels for helping set up, The Legion for hosting the beer garden, Mike and Andrea for taking on the upper beer garden, Bowen Choir for manning the gates, all our food, craft, and community vendors. THANK YOU everyone who helped and volunteered on Bowfest Day. Last but not least to the 2015 Bowfest Board: Jessie, Jagjit, Robyn, Tony, Linda, Pam, John, Lisa, Bridget, Nairn, and Adam (I know you are trying to leave, but just forget about it OK?) – we may have all been new, but GUUUURLLL we worked it!

Looking forward to Bowfest 2016 when we have twelve months, as opposed to two to plan this goliath of an event! With (at least) seven board members cemented the planning has already begun. That being said our quest for volunteers continues, especially volunteers who would like to host and run events for Bowfest Day.

Thank you Bowen for welcoming me to Bowfest 2015.

– Sasha Buchanan

Parade winners:

Best Individual: Ambassador and Mrs Canada

Best Group: Irish Pipers and Drummers

Best Community: BI Yacht Club

Best Commercial: USSC

Best Theme: BelTerra

Best Other: Cocoa West

Lip Sync:

First place: “I was made for Lovin you” –Kiss: Marie Pedley, Roxanne Pedley, Jade Atkinson, Kate Atkinson, Shelby Jennings

Second place: “Tell me what you want” -Spice Girls: Maya Grundy, Hunter Scarf, Grace Quarry

Third Place: “Time Warp Mashup”: Allison Nosek, Bianca Mueller, Danielle Wank Weiss

Logger Show:

Crosscut Saw


  1. Jill Kenny & Alicia Hoppenwrath
  2. Nathalie Broderick & Sheila Wade
  3. Kelsey MacDonald & Kelly Miller


  1. Clayton & Eric Hunter-James
  2. Robert Clayton & Dave Paulus
  3. Gary Anderson & Todd Pearson

Jack and Jill

  1. Kelly Miller & Calvin Hagge
  2. Courtnee & Gary Anderson
  3. Katie & Tony Mainwaring

Chainsaw Event


  1. Katie Mainwaring
  2. Sheila Wade


  1. Calvin Hagge
  2. Scott Moore

Choker Race Event


  1. Joanna Quarry
  2. Sheila Wade


  1. Shane Tweten
  2. Jonny Bacon

Axe Throw


  1. Kelly Miller
  2. Sonja Kristinsson
  3. Courtnee Anderson


  1. Mark James
  2. Gary Anderson
  3. Robert Clayton

Overall Event

  1. Kelly Miller

Pole Climb


  1. Alicia Hoppenwrath
  2. Nathalie Broderick
  3. Katie Mainwaring


  1. Adrian Graton 12.48
  2. Calvin Hagge 14.02
  3. Shane Tweten 16.02

2015 Bowfest Country Fair contest winners

Despite the rain, the Bowfest Country Fair Contests ran for another successful year under a lovely big tent on the festival field. Youth and adults submitted photos, stories and creations as well as bringing their racing slugs to the Country Fair tent. The Country Fair contests and slug races are one of the oldest traditional parts of Bowfest that have been part of the festival the most number of years! Congratulations to all the winners and many thanks to all the participants who entered this year to keep this tradition running!

Winners: the Tallest flower grown on Bowen by an adult was Lyn van Lidth de Jeude’s 11’ 7” sunflower which was supported by an incredibly sturdy stem!

The Biggest (heaviest) Squash grown on Bowen by youth was Eli Manning’s 38lb pumpkin, followed by the winning 8.3lb heirloom striped zucchini grown by youth Wesley and Sarah Jessop! The adult with the biggest squash was Sarah Haxby’s Ambassador zucchini which weighed in at almost 9lb! The Strangest Looking Vegetable or fruit grown on Bowen was won by Keary and Connie for their outrageous heirloom-variety white carrots and Em and Charlie for their slug shaped cucumber which was submitted with a story.

The Best Photo of Bees were taken by adult Keona Hammond and son Jack Hammond whose lovely portraits of bees on thistles won two first-place ribbons!

The Best Photo of a Bowen Island Slug was a tough one to judge! The white spirit slug got an honorable mention, but Angela Huxham’s incredible photo of a slug with its mouth wide open won the adult photo first place ribbon. The winning youth photo was a lovely portrait of a banana slug taken by Isaiah Lee. Isaiah submitted a story with the beautiful photo explaining that he had named the slug ‘sushi’ because you could hear him chewing on leaves, and the he looked like he was wearing a (slime) coat!

The Favourite Farm Animal or Domestic Animal Award was won by Kaia Matheson for her very moving story about the very old Endswell farm horse and what the old horse means to her.

The Lego Contest was another tough one to judge as there were so many fabulous entries that impressed the public and the judges. Kevin Harding’s elaborate medieval farm design and detailed description came in first place winning the most votes from the public, judges and youth judges.

The Fiber Arts Finest had a lovely selection of entries. Bonita Schaly’s hand-felted dragon took first place for design and for delightfully celebrating the Bowfest-theme of mythical creatures from around the world.

The Slug Races went well with a very large group of slug jockeys and slug race-enthusiasts huddled around the table hiding from the rain and keen to see the races. This year was the first year that a slugfie-stick was deployed to take video of the races and were wondering if next year anyone would like to help to stream the races online??

Although the non-stop enthusiastic cheering for the first half hour of the race may have contributed to a slow start to race one. In the end Morgan and Shelby’s well-trained and well-loved (it was the only slug to arrive in a hand-made, hand-decorated traveling box,) “Black Beauty” came in first place during race one, winning by multiple slug-lengths. Slug Race number two was won by Keona and Jack’s “Lighting” who slimed right past the finish line in approx. 26 minutes, which is a very fast racing time for an Arion aterslu slug (aka European black slug). Fun facts: Arion aterslu slugs are an invasive species that range in colour from black to white. In the 18th C they are documented as having been used as grease on axels of wooden carts in Sweden. At Bowfest, as is the custom, all racing slugs were returned to their original habitat after the races.

The 2015 Bowfest Country Fair Tent was made possible thanks to the Bowfest Community Fair Association and it was supported by Bowen Agriculture Alliance volunteers and community volunteers including: Sarah Haxby, Matt Matheson, Marysia McGillvray, Helen Wallwork, a panel of judges, the Young Farmers of Bowen Program, BICS student garden club, Bowen Farm, Fox Glove Farm, Vine and Garden Catering, and the BAA Farmers Market & Tail Gate Sales. We thank everyone who volunteered to help us keep the Bowfest Country Fair tradition going!

– Sarah Haxby

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