A Community response to COVID-19


Click the Muni page here for the most up-to-date facts and authoritative health information.

  • (604) 947-2782

    For delivery of takeout food from the Bowen Pub to your home – visit the “Food on Bowen” page, a wonderful new service offered by the very energetic Guillermo.

    (604) 947-2311

    Instead of seated service, Barcelona is offering take-out 4-8pm 7 days a week. Pick-up from the take-out window at their location; full menu posted there.

  • There is no need to panic, to hoard food or toilet paper, but it is a good time to have a plan. And any plan on Bowen has community at its heart, because this is a community where we have one another’s backs.

    And that’s true for all the Bowen businesses and services listed here, who have joined with us at Artisan Office and Express to help the community now.

    What we (the Office) have is the infrastructure in courier/delivery service to assist in practical ways; what we also have on the island are businesses and services who can provide what you need, and are willing to work with you and us to get it to you.

    For islanders/island households in self-quarantine or isolation, or who are referred to us by healthcare professionals, we are offering free delivery from the listed businesses and services at right, to your home.

    Restaurants are also offering expanded take-out menus with safe pick-up or delivery options.

    If you are able, consider making a donation by e-transfer to the Bowen Food Bank so that they can purchase groceries to support families and households on the island. The treasurer for the Food Bank Board is Sheila McCall, and you can send e-transfers for the Food Bank to her at msmccall@telus.net

  • contact Artisan Office:


    (604) 947-9119

  • We can bring you:

    • prescriptions & medications (human or pet)
    • food (human or pet)
    • medical & healthcare supplies
    • household supplies
    • library books & other materials
    • other necessities

    We can’t deliver tobacco, alcohol, lottery tickets, or non-prescription cannabis products (sorry if those are central to your plan ☹).

You may also need work or school supports – we can do that too.You order the goods or arrange for them to be ready, and pay for the goods if payment is required, then either you or the provider let us know a delivery is ready.  We will pick it up and bring it to your home. Just make sure that we have a telephone number to reach you on so we can confirm addresses, delivery times and locations.

To ensure we don’t become the problem – we will drop off at an agreed, safe, covered location outside your home (carport, garage, porch, eg), at an agreed time, and we won’t take back or handle anything from your home (nothing personal!).

All these island businesses are prepared to take your orders, process payment and assist by phone or email. Please be patient, as this is a new undertaking for us all; check here for updates as businesses develop procedures and ways to handle orders on top of their regular business.

To receive materials from the library you need to have a valid library card (email the library if you’ve lost or forgotten your login). You will need to select and place a hold on the items you want to borrow through the library website www.bowenlibrary.ca Once you have placed items on hold, staff will collect them and check them out on your library card. You will be given an extended loan period, and you are asked to keep your items until further notice. The library book return is closed, so you will need to refrain from returning items until there is no issue. No fines will be charged for overdue items during the library closure.

We ask that you don’t abuse this service by requesting deliveries if you are not in need; we are offering this to support those in our community who have to self-quarantine or isolate, whether through exposure to COVID-19, formal travel restrictions, or following medical advice due to current illness, vulnerability or pre-existing conditions. All of the businesses involved can only offer this service to those community members, and while we ourselves have capacity.

But please do use this service if you are in quarantine or isolation; you are doing us all a service, and protecting the rest of the community by withdrawing from public life for this time, and we are grateful for your doing so.

It is also important for the community that we have healthy pharmacists, grocery supplies, staff available to unload and process those, and so on, in this very fluid and uncertain situation, so you are helping all of us by refraining from physically going into those businesses.


Artisan Express also goes into Vancouver five days a week to make deliveries and pick-up courier packages and small freight; we regularly pick up items from workplaces, family or friends, pharmacies, health care services and providers, opticians, from stores that offer click-and-collect or can take your business over the phone or by email.

We can’t offer this as a free service, but for those in self-quarantine or isolation who do need goods or items from town, we will charge an adjusted low rate; please get in touch and discuss this with us, and we will advise you on your particular situation.

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