Behold The Green Man


First published May 11, 2016 Written by Shelagh MacKinnon

On May 21st, at 11:30, the Cove is transformed to celebrate the Green Man Festival. Greenery and flowers abound!  Step back in time and celebrate the wonderful return of spring!  But wait, will Winter give up??  Will the Ice Queen agree to let this sunny weather continue? I am not sure that she will and more than that, I have heard that Icicle decorated winter lovers are helping her stay strong!! What will happen?  The little buds will be cheering for the Green Man who brings us summer, but I don’t know if they are strong enough to win the day!! You better come and help cheer for one side or the other!!
This year, we are adding a parade to the Festival.  Decorated bikes, and trikes, festooned wagons and dogs, adorned ponies and horses are all welcome.  The RCMP will be there to make sure everyone is safe and has lots of fun.  We don’t know who this little girl is in this picture, but she sure has the right idea!
We will still have our wonderful Maypole.  This year Sarah Haxby is going to organize the ribbon dances. Last year was so much fun, but quite a tangle to tell the truth!! The Black Sheep will be there to help her out.  Plan now for lots of twists and turns as the pattern is made around the Maypole.
There will be face painting across from the Library and also wand making.  We have a few extra costumes which Tracey Lee Hearst will be offering for kids of all ages who want to get into the mood.  A wonderful Medieval feast will be available, and some hand crafted trinkets as well! On top of ALL that, there is wonderful music by Susanna Braund and Doug Stepple!

Don’t worry about getting lost…our Town Crier Murray Atherton will direct traffic and answer questions!
Our planning team is Shelagh MacKinnon, Rosie Montgomery, Tracey Lee Hearst, Graham Ritchie, Carol MacKinnon, Helen Wallwork, Susanna Braund, Doug Stepple and Sarah Haxby.  Huge thanks to all of them!!


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