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Originally published Feb 2, 2015 written by Shelagh MacKinnon

This Saturday is the Day for love and chocolates and flowers….I want to present a bouquet of thanks on this St Valentine’s Day! Thank you to everyone who supports the Bowen Island Food Bank housed at The Little Red Church!  At the risk of not being totally complete, I wanted to express our thanks:
Folks who need help from this community in the form of food and other non-perishables find the generosity of their neighbours on those shelves.  People drop off items they have added to their grocery cart.  Businesses have had special collections.  Lynn Hartle approached the RCMP about doing another special event and they said YES! The RCMP volunteered their hours and lent their cruiser for the “Cram the Cruiser” event.  The Ruddy Potato has a system whereby shoppers there can add a gift to The Food Bank onto their bill, and monthly we get a cheque because all those gifts add up! The Bowen Island Beer and Wine Store made the Food Bank the recipient of a very successful silent auction in conjunction with a wine tasting.  The Snug Cove General Store always has a box to receive donations. This Christmas, the students at The Island Pacific School made chili and baked brownies and banana cake.  These were then packaged in bright containers and put on the shelves.  The Penrhyn Academy of Music, under the leadership of Lynn Ellis-Williams, collected for the Food Bank at their concert.  This was both financial gifts and non-perishable food items. The ticket sales from the Library and Arts council, from a book launch, were donated to the Food Bank. Cocoa West remembered and donated, and so did Knick Knack Nook! The Royal Canadian Legion made a gift, as did the Bowen Building Centre and the Orchard Recovery Centre. The Children’s Clothing sale has been a long term partner with their annual sale bringing in a lot of food and items. We have also been the recipient of the generous consideration of the Community Foundation and The Smooth Stones Foundation.
I want to end where I started: to thank the many, many individuals who offer financial support and bring their in kind donations to the Pantry in the porch of the Little Red Church. The necessity of having a Food Bank is a part of life these days in communities of every size. We have sought to respond to this growing need here, and we owe a huge debt of thanks to Sue Clarke who spends countless hours making sure the shelves are full. She makes this all work here, thanks Sue!
At Valentine’s we turn to those to whom we are particularly grateful to say an affectionate Thanks!  I am grateful to Margaret Miller for giving us the chance to do just that!
Happy St Valentine’s Day from all of us

– Shelagh MacKinnon

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